Work Arks

Inspired Work From Home

What are Work Arks?

Work Arks are architecturally designed, sophisticated, easy to install and highly portable tiny offices.

Designed for those who work from home, they are a perfect space to get inspired, be productive and get away from the kids (as much as we love them). 

Full of natural light, modern finishes and ventilation, they also make the perfect art studios, beautician’s rooms, therapy space, site offices, or a fancy extra bedroom.  

Trailer mounted studios are flexible. Avoid stressful renovations, arduous council approvals and can be sold if your work situation changes.  


Of a trailer mounted tiny office.

Avoid Development Applications

Work Arks are registered trailers under the NSW Roads Act, meaning you can 'park' or install it on your property without the requirement for Council Approval. It is worth checking with your own Council as some have specific Tiny House rules. However, if they do, we can gain any necessary approvals..

Extra Space without need to renovate

Are you thinking you might move in future? Or renting? Work Arks are the ideal solution to create beautiful and inspiring additional working space without the stress or cost of home renovations. We build offsite, deliver ready to use and can assist in site improvements or landscaping if you require.

Flexibility, Resale and Tax Benefits

Changing jobs? Promoted to an office in the city? Kids move out? No worries. Just put the Work Ark on sale and let someone come and pick it up. Work Arks weigh 2.2 tonnes, which can be towed by most 4WDs in Australia, just like caravans. Depending on your circumstances you may be able to claim significant tax deductions on your Work Ark. Speak to your accountant.

But if you want permanent (not on a trailer), we do that too.

Passionate About Design and User Experience

Works Arks are not the cheapest tiny offices on the market. And we don’t want to be. We want to be the most inspiring and of the highest quality. We have invested in beautiful design so that what you put in your backyard makes neighbour’s say “wow”, gives colleagues ‘video call envy’ and has guests asking to sleep in it. Most importantly, you love working from it. 

  • Work Arks are designed by people who work from home themselves.
  • Full of natural light and ventilation. 
  • Are inspired by, and designed for, Australian conditions.
  • Include modern finishes using high quality, Australian made products. 
  • Are flexible, customisable, practical and durable. 
  • Are sophisticated spaces to spark creativity and productivity. 
Work Ark - Mobile Tiny Offices - Front View - Doors Open

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